Android Apps - Free Health Applications
Home Remedies Pocket Book
BMI + BMR calculator, find your ideal weight
Blood pressure diary
Pregnancy calculator and mini book
Android free utiles apps and Androcalc Calculators
Working hours time card
TODO - Organize tasks in your own TODO lists
Love calculator by The Kabbalah
Numerology calculator - find your name meaning
Tip calculator
Android free Games
Truth or Dare - spin the bottle
BBQ - Barbecue Barbeque - Mangal Mangal
Bubble - online game
Sokoban game
Simon - Repeat the sequence of colors that Simon gives
Tic Tac Toe - online game
Solitaire - online game
YamYam - like flappy birds game but for kids
Pictures puzzle - online game
Connect 4 - Four-in-a-Line, game for two players
Heads or Tails - flip a coin
Snake - online game
Drive carefully with your sport car - game for kids
Memory - Match pairs of cards. Brain memory trainer
Blocko Breaker
Flappy The Yellow Frog
Football v Besketball - for two players
Gooloo bounce ball game
Helicopter Over The River
Screen Divide Pro - Territory conquer
Android Free Music Tools & Eduction
Metronome - online metronome
Tuner for Musical Instruments - Piano, Guitar
Flags Quiz - Learn the countries flags
World Maps of all the Countries on Earth
Timetable - schedule for school students
Love Math
Plus or Minus - improve your thinking speed
Animal Sound - for babies
Android Free Travelers Application
Flashlight & police siren
Tachometer - record your path and speed
Alarm memo clock with math
London Tube, National Rail, Bus & London weather
Android free postcard - greeting cards
Draw postcard with your finger and share it!
Shana Tova - greeting cards
Android Fun and More
Talking lips - fun application
Free Special application - Artificial Intelligence !
Speak with Guru - free online shrink!

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